Urbepedia is a wiki about all things urban – the experiences and challenges of city life in the 21st century, the history of cities and ideas about cities, current views on urban design and city planning, urban sustainability, the megacities of the developing world, how technology affects the way we live in cities, citizenship

In 1800, approximately 3% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. In 1900 it was 14%, and in 2000, 47%. This year the global urban population is in the majority. The importance of creating and managing sustainable and liveable cities cannot be underestimated.

This wiki opens the door to everyone who has knowledge, ideas and experiences about cities to share them in an open forum. The open and collaborative exchange of information of wikis is an ideal model for the 21st century city.

How Urbepedia is different from Wikipedia?Edit

Urbepedia would be more detailed and more technical, and also acts as repository of best urban practices from around the world, as well as repository of contact information of urban experts. Whereas wikipedia is aimed for a broader audience, the article should be easy to grasp to different kind of people, from kids to adults. In that sense, urbepedia is different from wikipedia, but of course, we can link both wikipedia and urbepedia together in the article page.

This site is a complement to Wikipedia not a competitor. Most importantly, this Wikia does not aim to develop encyclopedia style articles [1].

Wikipedia Urbepedia
NPOV (Neutral Point of View) Points of view welcome (as long as they're respectful)
No original ideas or speculation Please share your ideas! (But be clear that they're ideas, and be prepared for others to disagree with you.)
No original research Original research welcomed!
Compilation of information and links Not here please! Put all that at Wikipedia (but you can link to Wikipedia articles from this Wikia).
Be courteous Be courteous
Assume good faith Assume good faith

Any "encyclopedic" material placed here may be removed - although if it's useful the relevant parts should be moved to Wikipedia.


  1. Chris Watkins

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