PET ARCHITECTURE GUIDE BOOK What is PET ARCHITECTURE? Pets, companion animals of the people, are usually small, humorous and charming. We find what we could call "Per Architectur", architecture having pet like characteristics, existing in the most unexpected places within the Tokyo city limits. They are areas such as a 1-meter width space among many closely placed buildings, a small and subdivided piece of land, or a long and slender city block sandwiched between the road and the railroad. These unusual places are the byproducts of urban development and have been produced abundantly in Tokyo. This undefined space has come into existence in the marginal realm between the different city systems, or it is immanent in the city system itself! They are small and though they appear, at first glance, to be somewhat cold and distant to the surrounding environment we can say that this type of architecture adopts the attributes of pet culture and have become pets of the city environment. They too are small, humorous and charming in their own way! This book is a GUIDEBOOK of pet architecture scatterd all over Tokyo.